Client Reviews About My Cosmetic Services

Below, you’ll read from several of my current and past clients, all of whom have been thrilled with the results of my work! If you’d like to see examples of my work, please visit the gallery for a number of procedures that I offer.

Sandi K.

I like a natural look, I don’t wear ANY makeup, I don’t know what looks right or how to put it on. When I do wear makeup, it irritates my eyes and seems to disappear after a few hours. With my semipermanent eyeliner, I don’t have to worry about it disappearing or even itching, it looks so natural and brings out my eyes. Thanks Amy for making me look great!!


I am a teacher, and I can tell you to “get up and go” and not have to take time and pencil in my eyebrows, and I DON’T have to worry that they will come off! IT’S A RELIEF!! And not to worry if they are even. They look so natural my friends did not believe me when I told them they were tattooed on. They actually got into my face to see if they were tattoos. Did it hurt!! NO WAY JOSE’!!!

Liz G.

Dear Amy, I want to thank you so much for my recent visit for an eyebrow touch-up. They look great! I have been coming to you for nearly 5 years now and you cannot imagine how much you have boosted my self-esteem. I no longer have embarrassing moments with the eyebrow pencil smearing and wearing off. I have had so many people tell me how nice my brows look and cannot believe they are tattooed. I am also very impressed of how patient you are and your professional demeanor means a lot.

Dr. Eugene C. Carroccia, M.D., P.A.

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I have been working with Amy for some time with my reconstruction patients, mostly breast areola tattooing. Her work is great and is matched by her professional demeanor. Her caring attitude certainly is in agreement with my personal approach to patients.

Mary T.

Hi Amy! I am loving my new brows. We just returned from vacation in Anguilla where I spent the majority of the time swimming. It was just great having brows through it all! I’m so happy that I did it! Looking forward to getting them touched up.


It’s Theresa 🙂 I just wanted to thank you for taking care of my girls the other day! All three of them look great! They couldn’t say enough good things about you…how professional you are, how relaxed you made them feel, how clean the office was. I just wanted to let you know! See you soon, take care!

Linh Vo

Thank you, Amy for doing my beautiful eyeliner! They look FABULOUS! What sets you apart from the “run of the mill self-proclaimed permanent makeup extraordinaire” is that not only do you do wonderful work, you also care about what’s best for your clients and their safety. That is priceless in my book. You can not buy decency and safety, never an ego trip. What a gem you are!

Dr. Karen Callaghan

Dear Amy, I want to thank you for my new eyebrows, eyeliner and eyelash tint. My eyebrows were uneven and one of them had a small sparse area that I had to color in every morning. After having my permanent eyeliner and eyebrows done I am able to spend less time putting makeup on in the morning. Anything that saves me time is a blessing. My eyebrows and eyeliner look great, very natural. I enjoyed the results so much that I immediately referred in a few friends and booked my mom to fly in from Chicago. She bragged to my nieces that she finally got her first tattoo - her eyebrows!